our guarantee



BUYER: ___________________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________


PHONE # ( ) ______________________________________


Thomas Chappell

3863 Dewey Rd Shortsville, NY 14548

Phone # (585) 738-2467

E-mail: twecgsd@yahoo.com

Recommended by: _______________________________________ Color:______________________

Sex:____________ Call name ___________________________ Registered name _________________

Date of Birth_______________ LitterReg. #____________________ AKC Reg. # _________________

Sire_____________________ Dam_________________

Whereas Seller is the owner of the above-described _____________________ German Shepherd

__________________, and whereas buyer is desirous of purchasing the animal described above: now therefore,

in consideration of the following warranties and conditions, and no other warranties or conditions expressed or


1) That the above-described dog is a PUREBRED dog, and is registerable with the AKC.

2) AKC registration is ____ is not ____ provided at time of sale. If withheld, reason:


3)That the health and temperament of the above-described dog may, at buyer’s expense, be examined by a veterinarian with 72 hours of purchase date. Dog may be returned to seller for full refund for any reason during said 72 hour period, provided dog’s appearance, temperament, and anatomical makeup has not changed from the time of sale. Seller is relived of obligation to return full purchase price if changes have occurred.

4) That the dog is free of any disqualifying faults if sold as a show dog. If disqualifying faults of congenital origin found, before one year of age buyer may: A) Return dog and AKC papers to seller and receive a replacement pup, or B) Send veterinary proof of neutering to seller and receive a refund of $____________.

5) If buyer cannot, for whatever reason, keep the dog for its lifetime, buyer must give seller first right of refusal on said dog.

6A) In case of males, seller retains stud rights except as noted. Retained? Not Retained?


6B) In Case of Breeding or Show quality bitches, seller requests puppies back.


7A) Our dogs are covered under our 3 year guarantee. This covers against genetic problems that would keep them from living a normal and healthy life and includes crippling hip and or elbow Dysplasia confirmed by x-rays from a competent licensed vet.We reserve the right to have the dog re-x-rayed and the x-rays evaluated by a vet of our choice. This is a replacement guarantee only.

7B) In case of Show, Obedience, or Breeding Quality animals, seller may guarantee dog to O.F.A. at buyer’s expense and option. Said dog must be X-Rayed by 26 months of age but not before 24 months of age, tattooed with its AKC # or microchiped and the radiographs sent to the O.F.A. for evaluation. Seller retains right to verify condition before final dispensation. Guarantee invoked? Yes No

8) In the case of a Show dog, buyer acknowledges that they understand their responsibility to the dog in terms of special training, nutrition, exercise, grooming, environment, and socialization. Further, buyers agree to put the dog with a qualified professional handler to attain a Championship. It is beyond the scope of this contract to enumerate all particulars, except as listed under item # 4. Any other particulars will be specified as follows.


9) If dog fails to live up to items 1, 3, 4, 7A or 7B, replacement with like quality dog will be provided by seller within 12 months, (unless specified otherwise here in). Under no circumstances will purchase price of said dog be refunded, except as noted in item #3. The selection of the replacement dog is up to the seller. In the case of Items 7A and 7B, dog must be Spayed/Neutered at buyers expense with veterinary proof to be shown to the seller before replacement with like quality dog happens. Buyer may also keep said dog as well as the

replacement dog or obtain the replacement dog when they feel ready. If said dog has sired or whelped a litter prior to request for replacement, buyer forfeits all rights to a replacement like dog. Wherefore, the above Seller and Buyer have executed the foregoing contract of sale at ___________ a.m. / p.m. on this____________________ day of ____________________________, 20___________ at _____________________state of New York.

Seller Signature ________________________________

Buyers Signature _______________________________

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