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Second generations

Dogs need a friend

Second generation! We love Tom and his dogs so much that today we added a boy to our family!

And yup, that's my 10 month old daughter. The shepherd is a beautiful family dog 💕

Thanks again Tom!!

Best friends

Outdoor dogs

Perfect time of year to 

have my best friend , 

Thank you to

T.W.E.C. German Shepherds!

Incredible temperament

Kid friendly dogs

Our puppy Jawa at 12 weeks old. Thanks Tom for such an amazing dog. Incredible temperament. Every time we walk her, someone in our neighborhood compliments what a beautiful girls she is.

Honest and up front

dogs for sales

Tom is a great person who really cares for his dogs. My boyfriend and I got my puppy Midna from him last

Friday and she has the best temperament I have ever seen a puppy have. There are a lot of backyard breeders in

this world who push out tons of puppies with health and behavioral issues, Tom is not one of them. He answered

ALL my questions, was honest and up front and there through the whole process. He has specific feeding

instructions and great medical records provided with each pup and is available via text for questions any

time! Midna is the sweetest healthiest little girl and we are so happy he brought her to us.

Responded quickly

no dog crate needed

TWEC Shepherd's are an expert,A+ breeder. We have always had Shepherd's, he educated us in one visit. We have texted, sent FB messages, and called. Tom always responded quickly, and patiently with all of our questions. I do not know Tom personally. I am writing this review to inform any others that don't know him. Trust this breeder. Their dogs are beautiful. You will not be disappointed.

Reputable breeder

dog toys

I just recently bought my new puppy from Tom, a beautiful black German Shepherd puppy!I went to visit all of

the dogs before my puppy was born. I had several questions because I have an older shepherd that has had

health issues most of his life, so this time I was being cautious about where I bought my puppy. He answered every question and concern that I had, and showed me all of the dogs, which might I add are very well taken care of. Before I could bring my puppy home when he was old enough I was in contact with Tom, visited my

puppy a few times before bringing him home. I wanted to go to a reputable breeder that loves their dogs and breeds healthy pups and I got exactly what I was looking for. I found many other breeders I contacted wouldn't call me back, or never answered all of my questions and I wasn't comfortable buying a pup from them. If you are looking to buy a healthy puppy with health guarantees from someone who genuinely loves their dogs and truly looking to breed quality healthy pups I would highly recommend contacting Tom!

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Truly cares

my baby is a puppy

Hello, my husband and I received our lovely Misty from TWEC Shepherd's a month ago. I would have written sooner..but you know...a puppy needs full attention! haha. We also have 3 other German Shepherds, 11, 9 and 4 from different breeders. I just want to say that after dealing with 3 different breeders, Tom is absolutely the best. He is an expert that truly cares about his dog and pups and the families that they go live with. He was patient with all my questions, easy to work with on scheduling and his love for what he does really shined through. Our Misty is gorgeous, smart and has a perfect temperament. We couldn't be happier with the addition to our family. Thank you Tom for such a wonderful experience and well bred pup!

Perfectly healthy

doggie on a couch

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to give you an update on the dog we got from you 4 years ago. Ranger is a wonderful dog. The best

we have had. He is perfectly healthy. He has such a wonderful disposition. He has gorgeous golden eyes. Here is

a picture of him claiming his spot on the couch. He is very loving and protective. We just love him. We get so many compliments about him. Thank you,

Tammy and Tom Moran

Adores the snow

snow dogs german shepherd

Hi Tom,

I hopeyou are doing well. I Thought you would like see how our boy is doing. Hard to believe he will be 3

months old tomorrow. His weight is normal and his paws look like snow shoes. We registered him with the AKC as TWEC's Quinlan's Pride. He is very very smart and a bit people shy which we work on daily and with a trainer. I have never had a puppy do so well on a leash no pulling at all! Here's a picture. He adores the snow, my older dog has taught him how to make snow angels.

Take care, Carina Q.

Madly in love

three kids touched by an angel with four legs

Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know she is Awesome! Only had one accident in the house and that was during a storm last night. By the way, my wife who didn't want another dog is madly in love with her!!!! Thank you so much. Gerry

Doing very well

Little girl gets a best friend

Hi Tom, Just wanted to let you know that "Lucky" (or as you nicknamed her, spitfire) is doing very well.

Attached are a couple of pics. with some of her new "playmates"! She as had her "puppy" moments but all in all has been a really good puppy. We are going to start working with a trainer to get her polished up as best as we can. She has already learned basic commands (usually at this point) and it's been over a week since we've had any accidents in the house (never had a #2 in the house). Anyway, let Jessie know that her little girl is doing

great and thank you very much for all your help! Craig & Carolina

Good breeder program

Dog on carpet

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Chappells,

Just want to tell you how happy we are with the male GSD, Chetan (Spirit of the Hawk), we purchased from you

last summer. He was from your litter of May 22, 2004. He is a delightful puppy. Obedient and very quick to learn. Some little things he has just picked up for himself and surprises me by responding to things I really made no effort to teach him. Although the Christmas tree is an exception. He loves the soft ornaments -- of course this is our fault because we give him soft toys and he knows no difference. Can't get angry about that. I must say he is the most vocal dog I have ever owned (and there have been many over my 63 years.) He is "talking" all the time. He never asks to go out or for a treat without some kind of vocalization. He is gentle and plays with my granddaughter, three cats, another GSD and a three-legged Rottweiler with care you would not expect from a 7-month old puppy. He is an absolute delight and we appreciate your good breeding program. We would recommend your animals to any dedicated animal lover and if in the future we expand our animal family we will definitely be in touch with you. Once again Happy Holidays and thank you for one of the absolute delights of our lives.

Pat and Dennis

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Took 1st Place

ribbon winning dog in agility


Thought you'd like to hear, I took Stormy to her second trial today and she double Q'd. She took first place in standard agility and second in jumpers with weaves. Needless to say we are very happy with her and she is an excellent dog around people, kids, and even other dogs now (took her awhile to calm down around other dogs). I'll keep you up to date on her progress toward a title. Hope all is well with your family and dogs,


Timely delivery

dog smells are the best

Dear Thomas,

Thank you for the timely delivery and our family enjoys he puppy very much. It's good doing business with you. Best wishes to you and your business.


From Boston Mass.

Doing great

puppies make best friends

Hi Tom,

Thought you might enjoy seeing how this little guy is doing. He is doing great and he's not so little anymore!

Congratulations on his dad.

Thanks, Andrea

Happy with him

big baby thinks he is a puppy

Hi Tom,

We bought our dog from you last December. Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him. We named him Kahn. He is very intelligent and  friendly, he has been taking lasses since he was 10 weeks old. He is very well behaved and thinks everything through. He is a sweetheart and we love him. We have had him a couple of obedience trials. I am going to send you a couple of pictures following this email, thought you would like to take a look at him.

Candy and Eugene

You were there for us

baby meet puppy


When we were given a list of German Shepherd breeders from Eastridge Animal Hospital, we called

them all. You were the only one who got back to me, and promptly I might add. We got the most loving and

healthy dog we could have ever hoped for. It was obvious how much time and effort you put into your dogs and we appreciated that. It's not just a job to you. After Zeus was so tragically killed, you were there for us. You made it possible for us to get another pup and it helped us so much. Taz is equally loving and full of life and I credit that to you once again. I would recommend you to anybody that was looking for a German Shepherd" pup. Thanks again for everything.


So much joy

time for a nap in my dog bed


I just wanted to send you an e-mail to let you know how wonderful Addy has been doing. Friday night she went right to sleep in her crate with only a few minutes of trying to "sing" me to sleep! Saturday through Monday we enjoyed lots of play/bonding time. She loves to be outside and play chase mama around the yard. We took to her to the vet last night and of  course she looks just fine, not a surprise! The trip to the vet was more for us than for her, we wanted to meet the local vet and go over the shots schedule and all of that fun stuff! The vet gave her a heart worm preventive, with the nice warm weather we had...better to be safe. All in all we are all doing just fine. She has brought so much joy to our home! Thank-you so much for a wonderful puppy experience. It was truly wonderful working with you.

Thank you again,

Anne Keator, Geoff and Addy too!

keep us updated!

Competing in the fall

playful puppy

Hi Tom,

Thought you'd like to see how she's doing at 11 months. We're in Agility now and she's doing great, very good with people, a little aggressive at times with other dogs but manageable. She gets along great with our husky and is excellent in the house. I think she may end up a little bigger than we thought, she's at 65 lbs and on the lean side now. The one picture is at sunset and is a little golden form the sun, but you can see her stance and size. We're very happy with her, I'll keep you up to date when we start competing in the fall. Hope all is well with your family and dogs,


Thanks a lot

horse friendly dogs

Here is a photo of my German Shepherd Kodie. I had taken him out to my boyfriends Grandmothers farm, and this was his first day seeing Horses. He was definitely curious, and the Horses were willing to let him get close. At first he would just bark at them, and then would get closer, and I got a picture of him sniffing the nose of one of there horses. What a Shot. Thanks a Lot

Erica G., from Baraboo,WI

An awesome boy

doggie ears are cute

Hi Tom,

Here's a couple pictures of Kobe.

(Finally!) I will send more soon. We have so many pictures to go through with our family, etc. I hope you enjoy these. I certainly hope it continues. He's such an awesome boy!

Take care, Anthony

Always happy to...

need time to be with my puppy.

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